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During his childhood years, he usually went to the Quiapo Church with his grandmother to seek guidance from the Black Nazarene. He made his first cameo film appearance in the film Luv Text where he was credited under his real name, Rodel Nacianceno, followed by many independent films. Since then he has appeared in several TV advertisements before breaking back into showbiz with his lead debut independent film Masahista for which he was awarded the Young Critics Circle Best Actor Award in He also starred in Summer Heat in In , Martin was cast in Ligaw na Bulaklak as one of the regular cast members. In the same year, he joined Star Magic. In , he led the highly acclaimed television series Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin.

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Share this article Share There are the usual platitudes. The nostalgic reminiscences of anti-racism campaigns past. A global description of anti-Semitism has been defined. It has been accepted by the British Government and 30 other nations. Yet Jeremy Corbyn and his advisers will not accept it. Given the choice between siding with the Jewish community, or those the IHRA has identified as anti-Semites, they have elected to stand shoulder to shoulder with the anti-Semites.

Someone Corbyn will not be standing shoulder to shoulder with any longer is Ken Livingstone. Another Corbyn ally who received a tribute last week was Margaret Osamor. This service included signing a letter defending several party members suspended for alleged anti-Semitism, including Jackie Walker, Tony Greenstein and Livingstone himself. There was a brief, shining moment two months ago when it looked like we had genuinely reached a turning point.

That a red line was finally being drawn that all Labour MPs and members of good conscience would stand astride. But we now have to face reality.

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Collection of articles and videos on true crime and justice Wednesday, August 8, Teresa Teresa Halbach Sometime during the day on October 31, , photographer Teresa Halbach, 25, drove her blue Toyota Rav 4 along Route 10 in eastern Wisconsin. She had started out from her home in Hilbert and was heading east. She had three appointments that day to photograph used vehicles for the Auto Trader Magazine. She was scheduled to meet with Steven Avery, 43, one of the owners, and photograph a maroon Plymouth Voyager minivan that he was putting up for sale.

Teresa had graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay in where she graduated with honors, majoring in photography. While she was in school, she had worked part-time at a mall photography studio, taking portraits of children. She specialized in doing sittings with kids. Teresa had a gift for making people feel comfortable—children and adults—and it showed in the portraits she took.

Photography by Teresa She liked children so much she coached the girls volleyball team at the St. John-Sacred Heart School, the parochial elementary school where her little sister was a student. Teresa had attended Sacred Heart herself.

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Collection of articles and videos on true crime and justice Wednesday, August 8, Marcus Wesson A Dark Room Officer Eloy Escareno crept down the dimly lit hallway with his gun drawn, calling for the children to come out of their hiding places. It was late afternoon on March 12, in a hardscrabble neighborhood of Fresno, California. Escareno was one of several officers summoned to a small blue home at W.

Two women — accompanied by a large group of supporters — demanded the return of their small children, but the numerous occupants of the house refused to hand them over. In the middle of the conflict stood a lb. As the two sides screamed insults at each other, the man stood calmly in the doorway helping the police tease out the situation. When the rival factions came to blows, the man told the police he wanted to say goodbye to the children and disappeared inside the house, closing the door behind him.

He emerged 80 minutes later with blood staining his clothes, and the officers ran inside. Wesson is arrested by police. If he needed any more proof that something was sickeningly wrong, Escareno, 33, got it when he noticed the caskets stacked against a wall in the living room. He continued to call out for the children, telling them it was safe now, to come out. As he moved down the back hallway, his colleagues searched the rooms behind him.

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On a series of surreal adventures into the Mind-Worlds of other children, Josh discovers a new sense of purpose and comes face-to-face with a terrible truth. An year-old boy is determined to tell a girl in his class that he loves her but has trouble finding the courage to do so until the unexpected occurs; an air invasion reaches Beirut and the school is being evacuated.

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As you can imagine, it is now Alternate History. The story starts with the Galactic Federation , a coalition of seemingly, note the operative word here, benevolent races make first contact not really though for numerous reasons with Earth. That’s the good news. The bad news is that they are being invaded by the Posleen, or People of the Ships in their language, and for various reasons the Galactics can’t fight worth a damn.

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Answers to Owen Jones’ Questions for Jeremy Corbyn’s Supporters

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Owen Jones’s Questions all Jeremy Corbyn supporters need to answer is the public climax to a private campaign of criticism of the Labour leader which Owen initiated within 24 hours of Corbyn’s election last September. Barely had the votes been counted to give Jeremy his unprecedented mandate than Owen was embarking on his “it’s all going wrong” shtick to anyone who would listen.

Some may now see this as the act of one whose prescience borders on genius, others as a campaign of petulant resentment by a celeb no longer quite as centre-stage as he was accustomed to being. Whatever, his assertion that “I cannot even begin to put into words how much I’ve agonised over Labour’s terrible plight” is the one flat untruth in his blog, as can be attested to by anyone who has suffered his foaming hour-long reviews of the disasters that have attended Team Corbyn’s failure to follow his advice to the letter.

That said, Owen’s nine questions are mostly important ones and do deserve consideration. His blog would have been better had he stuck to them, rather than prefacing the interrogation with more than 2, words of pre-emptive self-justification which I am afraid make Simon Cowell look like a paragon of understated modesty. Nevertheless, there is an illumination in the prolonged preface too, in terms of where Owen is actually coming from.

Owen lists various charges he anticipates being made against him for his apostasy. Some are ridiculous – no-one thinks he is a Blairite, or really expects that he has been gagged by the Guardian, or that he has never been left-wing etc. As to whether he is a careerist, really only Owen himself can answer that, and it is not terribly important either way – there are many different routes to career advancement, as he doubtless had in mind when he turned down the offer to work for Jeremy as leader when it was made last August.

The more interesting charge which he himself raises is the allegation that “I support the coup against Corbyn. I am sure Owen had nothing to do with instigating the shameful moves in the PLP but he has certainly been no advocate of resisting them.

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Serial killer’s unpublished manuscript has uncanny references to the slayings of a 7-year-old and a year-old. The writer-killer describes himself as getting depressed, or making “the fall. Five chapters of such details were sent to publishers under the incarcerated killer’s nom de plume “John Novak” in a manuscript entitled “Diary of a Serial Killer.

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Her body was discovered by her long-time, live-in companion, David Haughn, 23, who Cathy was friends with in their home town, a suburb of Columbus, Ohio – they had been close friends for more than four years. Catherine was a very talented, classically-trained dancer and hoped to dance on Broadway. Catherine’s throat was slashed – her jugular vein was completely severed, as was her larynx, and her carotid artery was nearly severed.

Her hands were also severely cut from fighting off her attacker; the crime scene inside her apartment was described as bloody and horrific. Catherine died almost instantly since the blood to her brain was completely cut off, depriving her of oxygen. Cortez is “in shock,” said his stepfather Drake Ducal of The Bronx, adding that the couple met when Cortez attended Boston University; Cortez majored in theater and also studied martial arts.

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August 22, by four shots at close range No. Women, female college students Method of Murder: Mohammad Adam Omar, 48, was arrested May 17, , following the persistent complaining by the mother of an Iraqi student who mysteriously disappeared December After his arrest, the lethal morgue worker confessed to killing 51 women in Lebanon, Kuwait, Nigeria, Yemen, Jordan, and Sudan over a year period. In Yemen, Omar confessed to killing 16 women, eight of whom were students at the university.

Then he would skin them, He also said he cut off the hands and feet of his victims, dissolved them in chemicals and kept their bones as mementos. Yemeni police reported they discovered the remains of 15 women around the medical faculty of Sanaa University. Nine of the corpses were skeletons, six headless corpses. Two additional heads were found that did not match any of the bodies. In custody, Omar said he regretted his murder spree but said he had been unable to resist the urge to kill beautiful women.

By the time he was 22 he graduated to killing women. When she failed to comply, Omar lured her into a small room in the morgue and killed her. Her mother, Karimah Mutlak, said she would like to kill Omar with her own hands and dismember him the way he dismembered her daughter: The student union said it would call off the protests while their case is in court, but warned:

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Portugal has given birth to some great movie actors and actresses over the years, many of who have gone on to star in comedies, dramas, horror movies and more. This list answers the questions, “Who are the best Portuguese actors? If you’re a film buff use this list of talented Portuguese film actors to find some new movies you haven’t already seen. His career has focused on television.

His mother is Portuguese and He was born in Coimbra, Portugal, in

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