Lionel Model Railroad taking shape…

Key topics include wiring simple and advanced layouts, two-train operation, organizing the control panel, wiring operating accessories, and much more, all clearly explained by experienced operator Peter Riddle. Add classic accessories to your toy train layout! This book provides a variety of ways to incorporate them – both originals and modern reproductions of older items – into toy train layouts. Selected by Classic Toy Trains editor Neil Besougloff from the magazine, the material has been updated and supplemented to make it current. Learn the basics of layout building with this easy-to-understand book. Ideal for those who want their toy trains up and running quickly. Lots of pictures, easy-to-follow instructions, and clear, concise writing making this the ideal book for beginners. Ideal for adults with children who want to build simple layouts and have fun with toy trains!

Lionel Model Railroad taking shape…

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The Locomotive Magazine and Railway Carriage and Wagon Review Volume 42 () Key page. Number (15 January ) Diesel engines for rail traction. Editorial summary of paper presented to the Institute of Transport by C.E. Fairburn and comment thereat by .

Testers also known as test sets are the kings of Service Station tools. Like their vast line of transformers, Lionel also had a variety of testers. These were designed for the repairman to test the various operating features of many locomotives and rolling stock. Inside the case was a small transformer. On top was a short line of track. The track included remote control sections for testing operating cars and operating couplers. The testers also featured an AC voltmeter which gave the repairman a good idea of an item’s operating power range.

E-unit Repair Tools There were two basic repair tools for the mechanical E-unit. The first was the ST Spreader. One end was wider which enabled the repairman to spread the metal sides of the E-unit that held the rotating drum in place. On the other end was a hook which made replacing the drum and turning it much easier by hand. The ST Vise was used to hold the E-unit.

Hook up a postwar Lionel TW transformer

For these couplers to work well, they need to be mounted to the car body and NOT the truck wheel set. Most derailing problems occur because of the pulling on the couplers. This occurs mostly when pulling longer trains or trying to back up a train through a turnout switch or on a curve. Was the track on board or the foam. If on foam, how did you attach and stabilize?

The Lionel operators dont have that problem because the center rail is always the power rail.

At Your Approved Service. by Joseph Stachler There was a time, when the vast majority of operators of Lionel trains, used Approved Service Stations to get trains repaired.

It was a Southern steam engine and tender, with a consist of 4 cars hopper, gondola, flatcar, and caboose. The track was a simple figure eight, that could also be arranged in an oval. I played and played and played with that train, with adventures fueled by my imagination. I use to dream of expanding it into a larger layout, but lack of money and living in a small town that didn’t have hobby stores pretty much nipped that dream in the bud.

But that didn’t stop me from having fun. I built tunnels and trestles for my simple track. I had a pretty good supply of plastic cowboys, Indians, and horses. I can’t count how many times that train got robbed.

Fun with Original Marx Trains

These do not apply to the new Marx Trains that have been in production since the s Marx Trains How would you like to have a genuine collectible train at bargain prices? The Original Marx trains are just that: Though they have not been made in many years, they are available and they can cost less than their modern counterparts. You get an affordable train and a classic old-time toy.

Lionel Pennsylvania Flyer O-Gauge Remote Train Set Champion of the Rails Champion of the rails, this Pennsylvania Flyer O-Gauge train set includes a remote control for easy operation and walk-around fun.

All the flaps are intact. Minor price tag damage on one end. Black printing on dark brick red. Double the value of your train car by adding the original box! Black printing on dark orange. Very slight indentation on the other end. Covers ALL gauges of model railroading. Tons of articles and photos, great ads. Very informative and useful. ALL are in excellent or better condition, unless stated otherwise.

Train sets, accessories, erector sets, Mysto Magic, puzzles, tools, chemistry and the rare Atomic Energy set!

More snippets of your model railroad tips

How and where can I sell my trains? Another popular place is eBay which is an auction site and quite extensive but comes with costs associated with selling them. There are also national auction companies that specialize in selling trains. These national companies primarily deal in highly collectible trains and average run of the mill trains are of little interest to them, however.

Q: What kind of track is best for my Lionel trains? A: Lionel trains run on 3-rail O gauge track. In recent years Lionel has introduced a new line of track called FasTrack.

People often ask ‘why don’t they make things like they did in the old days’? Well, Lionel does, and has been for over years. Forward-Neutral- Reverse Only Lionel, K-line and MTH O and O gauge trains have a forward, neutral and reverse system allowing the use of operating milk cars, log dump cars, coal dump cars and many other accessories while the train is standing still with the power on. Other scales, including large scale or G scale and HO, do not have a neutral and cannot be stopped with the power on.

These scales cannot, and do not have operating cars like the famous Lionel Milk Car to work with accessories. This is one of many features that have made a Lionel Train the gift and toy that lasts a lifetime.

Tinplate FAQ Part 1

My original Lionel Santa Fe outfit was purchased new in In the ‘s, I added other Lionel train cars and accessories to my train layout. The front cover of the Lionel Consumer Catalog that lists my Lionel train outfit is shown below. The locomotive is a P powered “A” unit and is part of an F3 freight outfit. This locomotive has dual electric motors, magnetic wheels to improve traction Lionel called it “Magnetraction” , and a horn that runs on a 1.

This locomotive and the train outfit described below is over 50 years old.

Repair and replacement parts for model trains. All Service Parts Click on part numbers listed in blue to view picture.

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Lionel O Gauge Transformer

Fitted with rotary seal, roll over tarp. Only selling due to loss of contract work. Willing to sell separately.

Product Description. Lionel Accessory Power Wire. This accessory is a ready made accessory power hook up. It allows you to wire accessory throughout your layout.

Professional scale model railway designers and builders with over 20 years experience. We specialise in building models of British railways of all periods but if you want realism and character of any prototype or fictional! We can make custom castings for railroads using our customers patterns and prototypes.

Soon we will also be doing investment casting which would be of interest to smaller scale railroaders. Most of our kits are specific to New England prototypes with specific historical interest, but they are all well suited to other parts of the country. We offer the quickest and most realistic way to model outcrops and rock cuts. Our products are flexible, ready-to-install castings.

Lionel Transformer Type 1032 hookup

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This is a listing of frequently asked questions and general information concerning the collection, operation and repair of collectable model railroad equipment.

Al, some great tips and thanks for that, I asked you some time ago how to paint center white lines on roads, and what was the best method and tools. Black auto primer works great. Let it dry a day or two. Place the pinstriping tape down as the centerline. Do this on both sides of the striping tape and use acrylic yellow paint to cover those 2 uncovered black paths. If you want the single white line, just use the painters tape, and leave the gap width of the line you want. White paint, dry, remove tape.

Private Sales – Trucks & Trailers

After a long absence, the FAQ is back and updated. I’m hoping it is still useful to folks out there despite the small trickle of feedback I’ve received about the FAQ recently. K-line and Atlas-O catalogs would help too.

PDFファイルを閲覧・印刷するには、Adobe Reader(AcrobatReader)が必要です。Adobe Readerをお持ちでないかたは、 Adobe Reader(無償)をインストールしてください。 Word・Excelファイルを閲覧・印刷するには、Microsoft Word・ Microsoft Excelが必要です。.

Items For Sale Phasing Transformers With a toy train layout, if you have two transformers powering two different divisions and they’re “out of phase” it would be possible to inadvertently run 40 volts through a locomotive when it’s over the center rail insulating track pin separating the divisions. This condition is unsafe. This procedure shows how to phase two or more transformers.

Some transformers have power taps that do Not use the common. If you use a power tap that doesn’t use the transformer common keep that wiring separate from all other wiring. See examples in the chart at the end of Phasing. Transformer “bricks” that are designed to feed controllers must also be phased. They do not all arrive with the same phasing. Preparation and Hook-Up Decide on a Master transformer. All other transformers will be phased to the Master. For phasing, start with the Master transformer and the first to be phased.

Transformers should not be connected to any track or accessories.

Setting Up Your Lionel Train Set

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